My Name is Robyn

Robyn IslesHello and welcome.

My name is Robyn, I am a wife and mother of three beautiful children.

I have two Arabian horses, two ex-racing greyhounds and a bossy terrier.

At 44 years old on 22.11.22 I was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer.

Incurable and inoperable and offered palliative chemotherapy only.

I declined.

Two months later I was miraculously operated on and the cancer was removed.

I then chose to follow a holistic healing protocol.

Whilst recovering, repressed memories of a deeply abusive childhood resurfaced and I write about my experiences connecting my mind and body and the past and present in my book ‘My Second Life’.

During my therapeutic healing practices which including endlessly journaling and writing, I found words actually became a source of strength and hope and power. I played with words in every capacity; in quotes and short stories, in journals and in poems, writing ‘The Journey to Gold’ and then I found my creativity was ignited further.

They say everyone has at least one story in them worth writing. I hate to be ordinary, and so I discovered I didn’t just have one story I had many! So I wrote and wrote and my words became children’s stories. My first children’s book ‘The Goblins’, was dedicated to my own children, as a legacy I could leave to them and their children, my future grandchildren.

I practice with, and scribe words every day. It fills me with utter joy to see words become pictures in my mind as I tap them furiously onto my computer. They dance and move and make me laugh and smile. I will not stop writing until the stories stop appearing and demanding that they have their space on paper.

I have always loved books and reading and writing so it seems ridiculous that it took me until my mid forties to begin to write, but I have finally found my passion.

I hope you love my words.

If there is a story in you, write it.

There’s enough space for everyone and their stories, and all stories are worthy of being told.

With love and kindness,